Recruitment Platform

Better Tools = Better Recruiting

Centralize all your recruitment in one online platform. JobTarget’s Recruitment Platform connects you to the best job sites on the Internet. Our Recruitment Platform helps automate the delivery of job postings, helps you find new job sites, and simplifies your processes by letting you post the same job ad to multiple job sites simultaneously.

JobTarget Recruitment Platform Features:

  • Post to nearly any job board on the Internet (over 20,000 sites)
  • Recruitment Platform integrates into your ATS and current workflows
  • Your entire recruiting team can use the same system
  • Inventory sharing and controls
  • Budget management to restrict recruiters' spending allowances
  • Proofs of your postings
  • Analytics to help you understand what's working
  • Preferred discounts and specials from our job site partners
  • Add-on products for Social Distribution, OFCCP Compliance, Programmatic advertising and more!

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